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Michelle Reinglass

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Author and Speaker Michelle A. Reinglass transitioned from a 30-year ground-breaking career as an award-winning lawyer and bar leader, to reformed lawyer and certified Mediator. Michelle’s lifelong passion is her legal career, serving as a bar association and community leader, gender equity, women empowerment and child advocate. She is a prolific speaker and author:

  • A chapter author on sexual harassment in two treatises
  • Wrote a monthly column for The Daily Journal
  • Written several hundreds of legal articles for publication
  • Co-author of the #1 international best-selling book Women Who Empower, published in December 2020
  • Co-author of the #1 international best-selling book  Leading With Legacy, published October, 2022
  • Author of the of upcoming book, How To Break Free From Addiction to Busy.

Michelle inspires her audience to take action and make changes in their own lives to Find Balance and Break Free From The Addiction To Busy

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Now an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker and battle-tested Balance Expert, Michelle’s newest book is being published soon!

Do you feel your life is out of balance?

Are you always promising friends and family, Next time!

Do you have a hard time saying no?

How are you dealing with the daily crapola?

Michelle has gone through a stressademic too – the physical and emotional tension that leaves you frustrated, exhausted, angry and even physically ill. After years of research and a personal journey of self-discovery brought on by career frustrations and taking on her clients’ conflicts, Michelle has figured out the secret sauce to Finding Balance. How To Break Free from Addiction to Busy, teaches the importance and application of mindset in every aspect of life. Michelle used herself as a ‘guinea pig” to try and understand:

  • How and why people get out of Balance
  • What strategies and techniques help to achieve a state of Balance
  • Why it is so difficult to stick to a routine designed to create Balance
  • How to be Aligned and Walk With Purpose
  • Finding Joy in your life and feeling Joy every day
  • How Inspired Action leads to accomplishment

I realized it wasn’t my job as a lawyer that was stressing me out, or causing my imbalance, I realized it was me since I carry my baggage with me. 

Living out of Balance is not healthy, and it permeates your entire life, including your family, friends and careers. Michelle is passionate about sharing what she learned about Finding Balance and breaking your Addiction to Balance. Her book and appearances teach people the skills and practical solutions for Achieving Balance to her readers, audiences, clients and colleagues.

A respected, captivating speaker and author for over 30 years in the California legal circles and communities, Michelle is now an in-demand speaker and guest for worldwide audiences.

Michelle is a compelling, entertaining, enlightening and inspiring guest and keynote speaker who motivates her listeners to take action to Find Balance in their own lives.


Balance Author, Speaker and Expert