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Michelle Reinglass

“What if, everything we always knew to be about balance was wrong?  What if our paradigm of living in balance has always been false? What if, instead of balance being experienced as  a “zen” moment, it is actually more of a “zenith” of high energy and activity, where WE are in flow,  regardless of what is happening around us, which could be chaos. The “chaos” we  perceive and experience, isn’t anti-balance, it’s real life happening as it should be.”

Michelle Reinglass

Michelle A. Reinglass has transitioned from a 30-year award-winning successful career as a “reformed” lawyer, to a certified Mediator. She is also a community leader, woman, and child advocate, Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker, and battle-tested Balance Expert.

After years of research and her personal journey, Michelle has figured out the magic sauce on Balance, and “How To Break Free from Addiction to Busy”, her new book, will be released soon. She’s learned the importance and application of mindset in every aspect of life.  She has been her own ‘test guinea pig” on this new journey to understand why and how people get out of balance; what strategies and techniques help to achieve a state of balance; and why it is so difficult to stick to a routine designed to create balance. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and practical solutions for achieving balance with her audiences, clients, and colleagues. Michelle is a compelling, entertaining, enlightening, and inspiring guest and keynote speaker.

Discover Your Life In Balance After You Break Free From Addiction To Busy.

The stressademic doesn’t just impact women – it impacts men, parents, entrepreneurs, employees – it impacts YOU! Curing your addiction to busy is vital.


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